The Happy gut

A detailed look at the microbiota and how to manipulate it for optimal health


As an engineer, I was always taught you can’t improve anything that you can’t measure. With that in mind, one of the first things people do when they are interested in the health of their gut is to do a fecal sample and send it off to a laboratory for results.

Most of the time, the technology used is called 16s RNA, and it basically maps out the bacteria, and their proportions, in a stool sample that they receive. Using that information, a person can get a pretty good understanding of what types of bacteria are in their gut, and if any pathogens are present in any significant quantities.


My go-to testing service for the microbiota is uBiome. They are a relative newcomer based out of San Francisco, and have focused exclusively on doing testing of the microbiota. The average turnaround time for a test is between 4-6 weeks, which in my opinion is still a bit on the long side, but they do provide a great deal of data and the ability to export it for your records. If you’re looking to get a test done, head on over to uBiome and order a gut kit. Use the coupon code HAPPYGUT during checkout and save yourself 15% off at uBiome.